Agro Allied Engines

U1000SH : Heavy Duty Water Cooled VRS SHAHENSHAH Engine

Heavy duty Water-cooled Engine for agro allied applications. Suitable for Rice mill , Oil expellers & Threshers . Power ratings 10 HP, 14HP & 15 HP.


  • Water cooled heavy flywheel for continuous running.
  • B1 Governing for better fuel efficiency .
  • Tractor type silencer for dusty applications.
  • Higher Torque at full load suitable for agro industrial application .
  • Extra large tank for higher productivity .
  • One year warranty backed by all India service network


  • Agri1
  • Agri2
  • Agri3
U1000SH : Heavy Duty Water Cooled VRS SHAHENSHAH Engine
Technical Specification Unit Parameters
No of Cylinder   1
Rated Power HP/KW 10/7.36 14/10.3 15/11.04
Rated RPM RPM 1000 1500 1600
Bore/Stroke mm 114.3/116
Engine Net Weight Kg 220
Fuel Tank/Lube oil sump capacity Ltr 12.5/3.75
Method of Starting   Starting handle Starting handle Starting handle
Cooling Type   Water Cooled Water Cooled Water Cooled