Engine Pumpset

Engine Pumpset

USHA engine pump set portfolio is designed for high performance under tough agriculture conditions.

Know Your Engine Working Principle

blue engine

The essential part of a heat engine is a cylinder in which a piston moves up and down. This is known as a reciprocating movement.

Fuel is burned in the cylinder thus producing got expanding gases. The rapid expansion of hot gases creates pressure in the cylinder which pushes the piston downwards.


  • Water Pumpset
  • Rice Hauler
  • Oil Expeller
  • Flour Mills
  • Construction & Industrial

Major components of an engine:

  • Crankcase
  • Crankshaft
  • Connecting rod
  • Piston
  • Engine Valve
  • Piston Ring

USHA Engines are designed for High Performance & Easy Maintenance

Know your Centrifugal Pump Working Principle


A centrifugal pump is a rotodynamic pump that uses a rotating impeller to increase the pressure of a fluid.


  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Saltwater lake
  • Water transportation
No. Part Material
01 Bush Bronze
02 Lantern ring Poly Propylene
03 Gland rope Graphite Cotton
04 Gland cover Cast Iron
05 Deflector L.D.
06 Body Cast Iron
07 Casing Cast Iron
08 Nut & Bolt Mild Steel
09 Suction flange Cast Iron
10 Impeller Cast Iron
11 Nut Bronze
12 Key Mild Steel
13 Shaft Carbon Steel
14 Delivery flange Cast Iron

USHA Pumps are designed for High Hydraulic Efficiency.

Know your engine & pump performance curve

Pump Characteristic Curve

  • Head curve in a meter for a given flow rate.
  • Pump efficiency for a given flow rate. BEP is the best efficiency point of the pump ( peak of efficiency curve).
  • Input power is power required at a given head for a given flow rate.

Engine Performance Curve

  • Engine selection for power & torque is dependent on speed & load of the engine.
  • Higher torque is achieved at lower rpm of the engine.
  • Higher HP is selected for high-speed pump set at full throttle.

USHA engine is matched with a centrifugal pump for giving the best efficiency.

Our Product Portfolio Guiding Principles


Selection of Pumpset

  • Source of Water (River, Canal, Well)
  • Discharge required (Liter per hour)
  • Suction Head in meter
  • Length and diameter of a pipe
  • The area to be irrigated in acres
  • Crop Type (flood irrigation vs surface irrigation)

Low Fuel Consumption

  • Higher injection pressure leads to better atomization of fuel & complete combustion.
  • High-quality fuel injection pump gives complete burning/atomization of the fuel.
  • Lower fuel consumption gives lower running cost & saves money.

High Hydraulic Efficiency

  • High hydraulic efficiency impeller pumps give continuous water flow at constant pressure without any periodic variation.
  • Greater reliability of operation, owing to the small number and simplicity of the moving parts.
  • Self -lubrication of the rubbing elements inside the pump by the liquid flowing through it leads to lower maintenance cost.

Longer Service Intervals

  • The higher thermal efficiency of internal combustion is important for longer lube oil change intervals.
  • Precision machined engine components are important for better thermal efficiency & long life.
  • High quality machined parts also reduce lube oil top up.

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