• modern technology to bring happiness
    modern technology to bring happiness
  • Light Weight Diesel Pumpset , Power packed performer
    Light Weight Diesel Pumpset , Power packed performer
  • Better Reach Better Farming
    Better Reach Better Farming
  • King of Prosperity Jalveer
    King of Prosperity Jalveer

USHA Agri Pumpsets & Machines are a source of happiness and bring prosperity to farmers and their farmlands. It is the perfect
blend of technology and pride of ownership, enabling the farmers to enjoy freedom to control.

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  • Engine Pumpsets

    Engine Pumpsets

    USHA engine pumpsets are available across a wide power bracket ranging from 1.4 HP to 10 HP.  The range includes light to heavy duty pumpset suitable for small to large land holding farmers. These pumpsets are designed for best fuel efficiency, high discharge  & higher hydraulic efficiency. KNOW MORE  

  • Agro Allied Engines

    Agro Allied Engines

    USHA diesel engines have the largest portfolio for agro allied & industrial applications in the entire industry with power output ranging from 10 HP to 26 HP, including both single cylinder & twin cylinder engines. These engines are designed for benefits like low maintenance cost , durability , and optimum design parameters for maximum efficiency under varying load conditions. KNOW MORE  

  • Sprayers


    USHA sprayers are modern technology powered to lower human fatigue & increase farm productivity. These are primary used by farmers for controlling herbicide , fungicide & weedicide. They offer high pressure large shooting range , consistent mist & jet spray for precision spraying. USHA SPRAMAX range is available from Manual to 4 stroke engine powered knapsack sprayers; including battery operated sprayers with high run time & consistent high pressure. KNOW MORE  

  • USHA Genuine Parts

    USHA Genuine Parts

    USHA genuine parts offers wide range of spares for high uptime of original equipmets . They are 100% tested for quality & offer peace of mind for customers. Genuine parts offer best performance & long life for your equipment .These parts are available pan India including remote parts of the country through our wide distribution network & service support. KNOW MORE